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Alankit e-Governance division believes in providing quality information and high standard of service delivery, encouraging new advanced technology and making the system more accountable, transparent and effective for the clients.

National Academic Depository (NAD)

The National Academic Depository (NAD) is an initiative of MHRD to maintain a national-level database of all academic qualifications in electronic form which will facilitate online verification and easy retrieval of academic records. The objective is to hold the awards details i.e. mark sheets, passing certificates, etc. issued by the various Academic Institutions to ensure that the award circulating in the job market is an authentic award in terms of the contents printed thereon.

This would benefit the institutions, students and employers by enabling online access of academic qualifications, eliminating the need for persons to approach educational institutions for obtaining authenticated copies or for verification of awards as well as reduce the need for institutions to preserve records related to academic performance of students for a number of years. The system would also eliminate fraudulent practices such as forging of certificates, mark sheets, etc. by facilitating online verification.

Alankit, as NAD agent, performs services like authorization of certificate holder registration request, mapping of academic awards to certificate holder account and issuance of authentication certificate.

  • NAD can hold details of academic awards of the candidates in electronic form. NAD will contain centralised database that will host information of academic awards issued by various institutions.

  • Various academic degree granting institutions, boards, universities can establish connectivity with NAD to upload details of academic awards.

  • NAD can be accessed online by all authorized academic institutions admitting students for higher education, employers, government organisations etc. for verification of academic awards

  • NAD can also forward a printed transcript of the academic qualification on the request of the certificate holder.

  • NAD system has the necessary security feature to ensure that only authorized users have access to authorized functions.

  • Dematerialization of academic awards thereby facilitating easy access and retrieval of academic awards.

  • Centralised database enabling verification of academic awards of various academic institutions at a single place.

  • Online verification of academic awards thereby reducing the time and cost involved in verification.

  • Reduction in circulation of fake certificates by enabling online verification of authenticity of academic awards.

  • Ease of procedure for obtaining duplicate and authenticated copy of certificates through wide network of NAD agents.

  • Facility to register certificate holder with NAD and map his / her certificates under one account.