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Alankit e-Governance division believes in providing quality information and high standard of service delivery, encouraging new advanced technology and making the system more accountable, transparent and effective for the clients.

PVC Aadhaar Card: Easy to Carry, Get Multiple Copies, No Wear & Tear!

PVC or Plastic Aadhaar Card is the printed form of Aadhaar details on a plastic sheet that serves/works/values same as the copy of original Aadhaar Card, which is easy to carry, maintain and also acts as an identity card.

An add-on service in the kitty, Alankit is offering printing of Aadhaar Plastic Cards (PVC) across all locations. The cards are printed using the eKYC service of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI). The person will have to provide the credentials of his Aadhaar Number, the registered mobile number or his/her biometric details (either fingerprints or iris scans) on the basis of which the online verification process would be carried out. On successful verification and authentication, the PVC Aadhaar cards would be printed and handed over to the person.

Benefits at a Glance:

• Strong, durable and can remain intact over a long period of time.
• Machine readable and Bar Coding friendly.
• Essentially water proof and the chance of the card being spoilt are minimal.
• Easy to carry as it can be stored in the wallet or pocket.
• Card Security is also increased along with the quality.

Steps to get PVC Aadhaar Card:

• Individual need to visit the nearest Alankit Branch or Center.
• He/She has to provide his/her biometric details (either fingerprints or iris scans) or One Time Password (OTP) obtained on registered mobile no.
• The cards are printed using the eKYC service of Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI).
• Details are checked and Authenticated by the Alankit representative.
• After verification PVC Card is printed and handed over to the individual.

The PVC Card Printers are also available with us!

You may order for SD 360 Printer to provide you an instant solution for printing of Plastic Aadhaar Cards. You can also print and deliver :
Voter ID Cards, Health Cards, Driver s Licenses, Membership Cards, Payment Cards, Employee ID Cards, Loyalty Cards, Visitng Cards etc.


• Cost Effective Results
• Superior Speed for Higher Productivity
• Issue secure credentials more easily with automatic two-sided printing
• Brighter, High-quality images
• Easy to understand printing operations, standard and easy set-up